Turkey Hand Puppet and Songs

I love Hand Puppets and using them to tell my daughters stories and songs.
Here is a cute Turkey Puppet and cute stories and songs you can use with the puppet found below in this blog post.


Some of my favorite Turkey Songs and Stories:

s-albuquerque s-turkeyinthestraw

Found on: DLTK – Growing Together  


Found on-  loving2learn.com  

In order to make this cute Turkey puppet the materials you need are inexpensive and all you need is your handy hot glue gun to put these Turkey Puppets together quickly and easily!


Brown children’s glove (I found at the Dollar Tree), 2 large wiggle eyes, 5 Fall color feathers, 1 piece of orange construction paper and a red pipe cleaner.



Step 1: Hot glue the feathers onto the back of the glove. Making sure you can see the feathers in between each finger.


Step 2 : Cut an orange triangle for the turkey’s beak and hot glue that to the glove along with the two wiggle eyes.

Then cut and make the Turkey’s snood with the red pipe cleaner. (Shown Below)

IMG_2699 IMG_2700

Your puppet is complete and ready to use. I love this little Turkey and my daughter thought he was so cute.

Puppets are great for teaching kids songs and stories. The cute animals keep them interested and the repetition will help them learn the song or story much easier.

 IMG_2709 IMG_2705

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