Elf on the Shelf Games by Pressman

Have you seen the fun Elf on the Shelf games that Pressman offers?

“With more than 6.5 million elves sold, the Elf on the Shelf is one of the nation’s favorite Christmas traditions.” I love that these games add to the magic that Christmas brings each year with our favorite elves!

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Michelle Lynn Designs

Shop at Mini Monet in Sayville to buy these great Handmade Gifts by Michelle Brand.


Michelle Brand is a local artist who was born and raised in Suffolk County, Long Island. “Since she was a little girl she was always creative and inspired by everything around her. Nature, colors, patterns, people and the ocean are her biggest inspiration.Art that interests her most is oil painting, watercolors and metal smithing /enamel Jewelry.”  

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Step 2 lifestyle Custom Kitchen

soccer 004

Mia loves her kitchen that her Grandma and Grandpa bought for her.

Step 2 always makes great products and this one is one of those great products.

They are built to last and work efficiently.

lotion 005 lotion 007

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Favors To Remember

Risa is a local Momee she has two teenage girls (who are 17 and 15 years old)  and a twelve year old boy.

She is also the owner and designer of Favors to Remember.

385256_324481934320676_1522064543_n 421716_319099531525583_700901636_n

At Favors To Remember everything is one of a kind and custom made to order.
All occasions from Weddings to Baby Showers, Birthdays, Graduations and life’s many other special milestones. The sky is the limit when it comes to creativity, so if you don’t find exactly what you are looking for on her Facebook page be sure to contact Risa and she will surely help you come up with the perfect favor or gift for that special occasion.

Every item is made with special care just for you. Initial prices are just a guideline. Keeping in mind there is budget flexibility depending upon “your” choice of materials used in creating your favor.

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Trendy Pencils and Accessories for Back to School

The kids are headed back to school and of course us Momees are going crazy making sure they get everything they need on their school supply list!
There is a hot trend going on right now where kids can decorate their pencils!
Pencils do not have to look plain and boring anymore…
Now, pencils can look super cool and trendy thanks to two great companies Board Dudes and 3C4G
15627_0238_SM 60747_455812694487601_1481491999_n

Mia loves her New Sunglasses

Whenever I try to get Mia to wear a hat or sunglasses I can never get her to wear them.

However, I went to the Disney Store and bought her a pair of Minnie Sunglasses and she has now become a rock star wearing them all over the house.

I love the sunglasses they do not break easy and they are perfect on her little face!

sofiansunglasses 040

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Peapod Delivery to your home

I highly recommend Peapod its easy, convenient shopping that you can do from your home computer or handheld device ( with their app )

 I feel there are times that we do not have the time to get to the grocery store but we really need things, so have them delivered at a time that is convenient for you. We all can not be in Super Momee mode all the time.

The food quality is exceptional, I don’t think I could pick put better meat or produce myself. I love Stop & Shop and I love them even more for their Peapod service.

Did I mention you can use coupons too and there are web specials as well. It is a no brainer… Peapod delivery is amazing and affordable with its low shipping rates!

mommyblog2 003

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