Elf on the Shelf Games by Pressman

Have you seen the fun Elf on the Shelf games that Pressman offers?

“With more than 6.5 million elves sold, the Elf on the Shelf is one of the nation’s favorite Christmas traditions.” I love that these games add to the magic that Christmas brings each year with our favorite elves!

Elf on the Shelf Hide and Seek Game

“Our elf on a shelf game picks up where the beloved book set leaves off–offering the same delightful play pattern as kids try to find the elf that Santa sent to visit. The game includes a large elf–but where is it? And where’s that music coming from? When they put the two together, kids have found the Elf! “

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Elf on Shelf Make-a-Match Game

“Our classic memory matching game challenges kids and parents to find matching pairs of Elf cards, with a twist — players earn bonus points by finding the special “Take Elf” cards, which allows them to take the exclusive Elf on the Shelf figure included in the game. The other cards include delightful Christmas images such as the Elf on the Shelf building a snowman, reading a story, and sitting on a Christmas tree ornament. Players get points for finding matching pairs of Scout Elves and their friends–add up the regular points and the bonus points to find the winner.”

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4520-06-theelfontheshelf-makeamatchmemorygame-tin-mmyy-v.png*Also available, Elf on the Shelf Make-a-Match Game in Tin —> here




Elf on the Shelf Pal Size Floor Puzzle

“The Elf on the Shelf 46-Pieces Pal Size Floor Puzzle tells the story of a Scout Elf, who is charged with keeping an eye on the children of his adopted family. Every night, through Christmas magic, the Elf flies back to the North Pole to report to Santa whether the children have been naughty or nice. As the Elf magically appears at the beginning of the holiday season to begin his duties, so he magically disappears after the holidays, not to be seen again until the following year.”


Elf on the Shelf Where’s the Elf Game

“If having lots of fun with friends is your aim, Scout the Elf has returned with a fun new game!
Open the windows on the house to find the matches, If it’s not a pair, refasten the latches!
If it is then, hurray! You’ve found a matching set – Flip the arrow on the board and its points that you get.
Once the game has been played, who won the most rounds? Congratulations are in order – a winner has been found!
Flip the puzzle card over, and close each window pane, As easy as that, you’re ready to play again!”

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My girls absolutely love the Where’s the Elf on the Shelf? game. If you put their favorite scout elves on just about anything they will love it. But, this game is wonderful because it can be played solo or with 2 players. I love that there are numerous cards to slide into the game board so there is no way to memorize where the elves are. Highly recommend!



We love all that Pressman has to offer! Did you know that Pressman makes Mr. Bucket, Shark Bite, Mancala for Kids , Rummikub, Lucky Ducks, Mastermind.


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