Step 2 lifestyle Custom Kitchen

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Mia loves her kitchen that her Grandma and Grandpa bought for her.

Step 2 always makes great products and this one is one of those great products.

They are built to last and work efficiently.

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In the picture above, Mia is playing with the pot on the stove. This kitchen is very life-like with the fact that the pot makes a boiling sound when it’s on the burner.

Mia giggles so much when the pot makes a sound.

It also has a phone that rings and makes dialing sounds.

The stove is spacious and so is the refrigerator. It really is the perfect kitchen for your little one.

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Her grandparents purchased the bundle package available at Walmart —> Step 2 Lifestyle Custom Kitchen Bundle

It is very affordable and worth every penny.

The food that came with the bundle package is much better than I expected. All the food is plastic and there is a large variety of food.

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Mia has a shopping cart that is sold separately and she loves pretending that she went to the grocery store and bought her food and is coming home to cook with her new ingredients.

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I highly recommend buying this product and so does Mia (look at that face) she loves it!

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa… we love you so much!


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