Manimo – weighted plush animal

Manimo weighted animals are loving companion pets! They are children’s comforting companion and valuable partners for parents.


Manimo is the weighted plush animal that helps focus and calm. These weighted animals are recommended for all children, but were designed specifically for children with ADD, ADHD, ASD, anxiety or other disorders. “Providing numerous benefits, manimo weighted animals help children develop their imagination and reach their full potential. And they are always happy to get a big hug.”

This product is one of my new favorite toys/ products out right now. I find the weighted companion to be so useful in our day to day lives. Some days are harder than others in our daily routines. If we are extra tired or are feeling any sort of anxiety our weighted companion, which we named “Speckles” helps us out.

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NY Dart Zone- Inclusive Play Event

Finding activities for the kids to do during the Winter break can be challenging at times, and for kids with special needs, sensory issues, or disabilities, not only is it that more challenging, but the choices are limited.  More and more businesses that cater to kids and their families are now offering special sessions for kids with special needs and as appealing as that is for some families, the dilemma they now face is that their kids, who already have a difficult time connecting with other kids, continue to be isolated.  However, thanks to organizations like Justice 4 Autism, and Bright Pick Businesses like NY Dart Zone, kids of all ages, stages of development, and abilities are able to take part in recreational activities together.

nydartparty1 nydartparty2

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Altering the Course of Stress for the Special Needs Child


Diane L MacDonald, M. Ed., NLP CP, RYT 200

Founder and Creator of Sensory YogaPlay

We talk often about stress in adults but we forget that childhood can be stressful too. Many children, particularly those with special needs, suffer with debilitating stress.  Trouble focusing, short attention spans, not fitting in, poor organizational skills, as well as an inability to follow instructions and requests in expected patterns can lead to frustration, feeling out of control and hopelessness.  This is a familiar pattern for many children with special needs and a sure set up for daily stress.  

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Shining Child for July- Dylan

For the month of July we have chosen a young 4 year old boy from Selden who has compassion and an incredible amount of  love for his older brother who has autism. At a young age Dylan has an abundance of kindness towards others.


We received the nomination for Dylan from his mother, Laura.

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BIG APPLE CIRCUS- Autism Friendly Show Review

The reviews are in and the Autism Friendly Big Apple Circus Show was a hit! On June 2nd Momee Friends was lucky enough to go to the first Autism Friendly Show put on by the always family friendly and entertaining Big Apple Circus.


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The Miracle League

The Miracle League of Long Island is a non competitive baseball league for children with disabilities. Each player gets the opportunity to bat every inning and hits the ball off a ” T” or are pitched to.  The player then hits a HOMERUN and scores for their team!

The event will help keep this program FREE for the families as well as raise money to expand the program across Long Island.

Event Location: Pennysaver Amphitheater


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Glue + Salt + Water Colors = Lots of Fun

We had a Mommy play date yesterday at Seeds of Love Creative Enrichment Center in Bayshore

the Kids and Momees had a great time playing and doing an art project I just had to share

Not only did the kids like it but the Momees loved it too ( so relaxing and therapeutic )


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