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School counselor Scott Ertl created Bouncy Bands® to help students in his school concentrate while they are seated at their desks, often for five or six hours per day.

I love that Bouncy Bands® is a product that can help ALL students as they learn sitting at a desk throughout their day. As a child I had a hard time focusing and staying on task for a long period of time. I feel if I had this product when I was in school it would of helped me burn some energy and focus better. This product not only helps a student who is over-stimulated but, a child who is under-stimulated, as well. The subtle movements of bouncing your feet on the band helps blood flow to the brain and the best part is the bands do not make any noise and are not distracting to others around you. 

“Bouncy Bands® is the answer to every parent, educator, and kids dreams!”

I truly feel that ALL children would benefit from this product in the classroom setting. Let’s think about the school day and the duration of time a student is sitting. They are sitting for long durations of time and the bands allow kids to fidget and move without getting up from their desk. There are numerous reasons a child may need the bouncy band: they may have anxiety, or ADHD, or ADD or they are just kids who need to move around so that they can release some energy or they may need to bounce their feet so they do not fall asleep. No matter the reason the child may need it, if these were on all desks the child would have the bouncy band available literally at their toes whenever they needed it. 


Let’s learn more…

“Bouncy Bands® are the #1 Teacher-Approved tools for student success. These fun, innovative, economical bands enable kids to release excess energy to stay on task and improve their test scores, while seated at their desks. With Bouncy Bands, children are happier and less restless while studying, which leads to improved test scores and greater self-esteem.”

“Actively stretching a Bouncy Band, attached to a desk or chair, allows kids to become calm and more focused, alleviating feelings of being extra-stimulated, overanxious, or frustrated. Similarly, when kids are bored, tired, or disinterested Bouncy Bands engage nerve endings on the bottom of their feet to generate ideas and encourage creativity. “

*Improved Focus

*Better Behavior

*Higher Scores


“Movements that Motivate the Mind”


Click on the video below to see how it works:





The proof that Bouncy Bands help keep students on task:

Clemson University Study-


“In an independent study, Clemson University professor Dr. Jennifer Bisson tested 25 elementary school students and concluded that Bouncy Bands help students stay focused and engaged in school an average of 10% more time on task.”

Read more: HERE


Yerkes-Dodson Law of psychological performance-


“When students use BouncyBands, they are able to release their anxiety and maximize their learning potential by keeping them in the optimal learning zone, identified by the Yerkes-Dodson Law of psychological performance.”

Read more: HERE



Our Testimonials:

Momee Friend Jackie who is a local teacher has been using Bouncy Bands in her classroom. Two of her students gave a testimonial about the Bouncy Bands:

Student 1: “It actually calms me down, because it makes my feet tired, and that’s good, because then my feet won’t be so fidgety. It makes me more calm.”

Student 2: “I have to be doing something to focus, so if I’m kicking the band, I can focus better. And it doesn’t annoy anyone.”




Donors Choose- Teacher Fund Raising:

Are you a Teacher? 

  Bouncybands now has over 10,000 teachers that have used Donors Choose for funding.

Learn more about this fantastic program: HERE

Here is a sample application which takes a teacher through the easy step by step process of starting a campaign —> CLICK TO SEE SAMPLE


BouncyBands have won numerous awards, including the Creative Child Magazine’s “Product of the Year,” Scholastic’s “Best of,” Dr. Toy’s “Best Classic Product Award,” the Ed Expo’s “Product of the Year,” 2017 Teacher’s Choice Award, and many more.


WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND Bouncy Bands® and we know you will, too!


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