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Finding activities for the kids to do during the Winter break can be challenging at times, and for kids with special needs, sensory issues, or disabilities, not only is it that more challenging, but the choices are limited.  More and more businesses that cater to kids and their families are now offering special sessions for kids with special needs and as appealing as that is for some families, the dilemma they now face is that their kids, who already have a difficult time connecting with other kids, continue to be isolated.  However, thanks to organizations like Justice 4 Autism, and Bright Pick Businesses like NY Dart Zone, kids of all ages, stages of development, and abilities are able to take part in recreational activities together.

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On Thursday, February 18, 2015, NY Dart Zone in Holbrook hosted a Nerf Party for Momee Friends, and thanks to Justice 4 Autism, the families who came out were able take part in an inclusive sport & play time for kids of all ages. Founded by Eufrasia and Jay Rodriquez, Justice 4 Autism is committed to raising awareness and funds to support autism based programs and activities.  Together with Land and Sea Sports Club, they donate money to offset the costs for families so that their children have the opportunity to take part in a variety of activities when school is closed.  To learn more about Justice 4 Autism, please visit www.justice4autism.com .  Help support this amazing organization by purchasing an apron – designed and made by Eufrasia.  100% of all proceeds go directly to Justice 4 Autism, and if you belong to another charity or non-profit, they will donate $5 per purchase towards your organization. 

Pictured below is Eufrasia, Jay and Justice

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NY Dart Zone is Long Island’s first indoor foam dart arena, and what an exciting place it is!  The owners, Desmond and Gabe, were so accommodating and made everyone feel at home.  They facilitated 2 hours worth of team-building games promoting cooperation and good sportsmanship.


Everyone regardless of age or ability was encouraged to participate, and was allowed to leave the arena anytime they needed a break or felt overwhelmed.  An area was designated for kids and caregivers to relax, have a snack, and even take part in sensory activities to help them decompress.  While some kids chose to color, others made homemade wacky sacks which make excellent stress balls! Make your own —> click here

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Desmond and Gabe say that you are only required to bring yourself and your smile to the dart arena, and as you can see, we saw many smiles at our Nerf Party!


Everyone had a blast dodging darts, shooting targets, and playing games like capture the flag. 

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We look forward to hosting more events like the Nerf Party, and we certainly cannot wait to visit NY Dart Zone again.  It is our sincere hope that as we spotlight businesses like NY Dart Zone, that more businesses will also join our efforts to promote inclusion.  

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