Momee Question: Bath time

Bath Time

little mia pictures 021

this is my daughter Mia when she got her first bath July 2011

A local Momee messaged me with 2 questions but since they both have to do with bath time I figured I would put both out there in one post!

 How often do you bathe your child? They don’t seat so do you have to bathe them everyday?


My baby is 6 months old and recently hates the bath and goes crazy when I pour water over his head to get the soap out of his hair… HELP suggestions on how to make bath time easier?

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  1. I bathe Mia every other day but give her a bath anytime she gets really dirty like playing in the sandbox. Getting sand out of long hair is not easy. Mia went through a stage of hating the water poured over her head and my mother in law suggested using a kitchen strainer to pour over her head instead of a cup that the flow of water pouring out is a lot. And it worked! Lots of toys help too : ) and we put music on in the bathroom with a portable CD player. Hope this helps

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