Versatile Blogger Award

I am so honored to be awarded with this Blogging Award! I want to share this with you…


I received this wonderful award  from Miss Chris Creations yesterday!

Thank you so much for thinking of me when nominating fellow bloggers. I appreciate the nomination so much and wanted to follow up with this to spread the love. The rules are as follows:

1. Thank the person who nominated me for the award

2.  Share 7 random facts about myself

3. Nominate 15 bloggers of my favorite versatile bloggers for this award

So my random facts are:

1. I am a Momee of 1 adorable little girl Mia that is my EVERYTHING

2. I have a cat Norman who is the most human like cat and makes us laugh

3. My husband is genuinely the greatest guy I have ever met and I am so lucky to have him ( he supports me in everything )… even blogging throughout the day : )

4. Blogging has become an amazing obsession of mine just for the past month

5. One of my great friends is the author of Elsie… Cybille St. Aude and she inspires me each day.

6. I love to cook and craft

7. Family time and being with friends( who I consider family) is my favorite time : )

My Versatile Blogger Nominations:

1. Kady

2. Jess

3. Gillian

4. Tara- Marie

5. Jessica

6. Victoria

7.  Tia

8. Stefanie

9. Kellie

10. Julie:

11. Shawn

12. Anastasia

13. Cristina

14. Nirvana

15. Julie

I am so honored to be nominated for this award and even happier to award fellow bloggers : )

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My name is Anne and I am a local mommy blogger ... Momee Friends is all about Long Island and all things local with the focus on family

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    1. I agree… it is one of my favorite pass times ; ) and I love the feedback and your blog is so great too and looks like you love doing it too. So I had to share the love

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