Lorax Party

One of my favorite books growing up was the Lorax… I love that he speaks for the trees : ) and the book has a great message from Dr. Seuss.

I decided to throw a Lorax party at my house to celebrate Earth Day and Arbor Day this week.

mommy blog 015

I made adorable stickers for the kids to wear that said, “I speak for the trees.”

mommy blog 013

I also made chocolate lollipop Lorax moustaches

mommy blog 014

and adorable themed cupcakes

mommy blog 1 001

and moustache straws… I got this idea from Madtown Macs

mommy blog 1 002

We had to do a craft that I know the kids would love to watch grow so I made Grass Friends similar to the ones I had made last week.

But this time they looked like the Lorax himself : )

mommy blog 1 010

And of course when you have a Lorax party you have got to read the book to the kids… and My daughter Mia loves the book as much as I do : )

Enjoy your DIY Lorax Party : ) I know we did…

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