Butterflies Craft

Butterflies are so pretty and fun to craft. Your little one can help make them for a great spring decoration for your wall.

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All you need is:

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Crayons, Coffee Filters, Colorful Craft Sticks, Wiggly Eyes,  Pipe Cleaners and a Hot Glue Gun

First: Glue eyes on craft stick

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Then add the pipe cleaner to make antennas for the butterfly

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Have your little one color the coffee filter:

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So many colors: which ones should she add? : )

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Lastly, Hot Glue the coffee filter to the craft stick to make wings for your colorful butterfly

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5 thoughts on “Butterflies Craft

  1. THANKS! Great craft. I’ll reblog this on my site. My latest children’s book AMAZING MATILDA is about a monarch butterfly. Hope you’ll stop by for a visit. Bette A. Stevens

      1. Thanks. Here’s a link to AMAZING MATILiDA on Amazon (available in paperback and kindle versions. http://bit.ly/19Qr3Y0 Also, Here’s a #FREE pdf on all things Monarch Butterfly you can download on my website. FUN & LEARNING WITH MONARCH’s 2016 (FREE PDF) from Bette
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        ★Butterfly Teacher Guide and more…
        ★Find out how you can help protect our Amazing Monarchs
        Have fun!

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    Find out more about Monarch Butterfly facts, crafts, games, gardening, teacher lesson plans and more by downloading the FREE pdf right here at 4writersandreaders. ~ Bette A. Stevens, author of “AMAZING MATILDA: A Monarch’s Tale.

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