Nature’s Child Pudd’n Pouches

These are so good and my daughter Mia loves them…

and unlike putting pudding in a bowl and using a spoon and making a mess

these are so convenient and mess free

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 Nature’s Child Pudd’n Pouches they come in a 4 pack and you can buy them on Amazon or at your neighborhood Walmart

They are very good and come in 3 flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla and Banana flavors

and I love that the pudding is 3 grams of protein

We have only tried Chocolate but I am sure they are all delicious!

I am going to recommend to the company combining banana and chocolate because that is one of my favorite combinations : )

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They are really good if you chill them in the refrigerator

As you can see Mia had to make sure she got every last drop. Which proves they are so good.

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