DIY Animal Magnets

Adorable Piggy and Duck Magnets

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As a mom I can never seem to have enough magnets. There are always notes that need to be seen and things to do.

I saw these cute magnets on Kaboose and had to make my own.

All you need to make your own magnets are :

These awesome magnetic sheets ( they are sold at Walmart)

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and Clothes Pins, Foam sheets, Wiggly Eyes, Buttons, Scissors and a Hot Glue Gun

First… put the magnetic sheet on the back of your clothespin… what I love about theses sheets is you can cut the size you need

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Then, cut your foam pieces and get your wiggly eyes, and button ready for gluing with the hot glue gun

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Glue all the pieces together and you will have a cute Duck and Pig Magnet for your refrigerator or magnetic board

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Simple, Easy and Craft that is too cute that you will start making your own magnets because they are too cute and fun not too!

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