Author Spotlight- Q & A with Maria Inacio

Author Spotlight

Maria Inacio author of Katie’s Big Move and I did a Q & A so we can get to know her a little bit better and what sparked her to write such a delightful children’s book.

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Maria Inacio is a local Momee friend of Long Island. She has 3 children… all girls whose ages range from 8 to 22.

I asked her a few questions because I love children authors and I love hearing stories of inspiration for the books they write.

First question: What inspired you to write Katie’s Big Move?

Maria: ” A few things inspired me to write this book.
#1. I always dreamed of writing a book

#2. Thought I could write a story that would be just as good if not better than some of the other children’s story books out in the market that I was reading to my own child, who was 8 years old at the time.

#3. Wanted to do something that I could create with my own talents of which I believed writing creatively for children, and that would in the end benefit myself and my family; while offering a cheerful and positive children’s story book to the market. (We work in construction which is not the easiest field to be in. )

#4. And last but not least, I was inspired to write this particular story when my own sister and her husband up and left NY to Florida for a job promotion, uprooting themselves and my beautiful 3 nieces none of whom wanted to leave their grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends, school and their familiar surroundings behind! From this, I sat myself down one cold January morning on my couch with a cup of coffee a notebook and a pen, while watching my usual morning show back then of “Regis & Kathie Lee”. I started writing and the words came to me like a waterfall flowing. I had no idea my story was about to rhyme in its entirety, but once I started, I couldn’t stop! I was done writing the story within 2 hours time of writing and editing. I was so pleased with the outcome, and couldn’t believe I wrote it so quickly. The feeling of accomplishment was so nice. I kept the book on hold for 14 years as I was busy raising a growing family and also working for the family construction business… 9 months after writing the story our 2nd story was born, followed by our next daughter 5 years later. Finally this past year I put my book back on the “table” and self published  it.”

I am so glad she decided to publish this book even after so many years, it is a great story with a great rhyming rhythm and I know kids will love it because it is a delightful and easy read.

Do you have any other books out that your readers can purchase?

Maria: ” My next book will hopefully be published sometime in 2013. It is a children’s storybook about a young girl who skips school for the day, BUT, for all the right reasons! That’s all I can reveal right now, as I don’t want to give too much away… Stay tuned!”

After reading her first self published book I know the next book will not disappoint

 Will there be a sequel to Katie’s big move? I feel there could definitely be a follow-up story to this one.

Maria: ” I would love for Katie’s Big Move to have a sequel! That’s been in the back of my mind for a while now, hopefully one day I can get the talents of Heather McCoy the illustrator to collaborate on the sequel. She did an awesome job on all the images.”

My 22 month old daughter loves the images, they are bright and wonderfully illustrated.

Did you start writing as a child?

Maria: “Yes, I did start writing as a child. I would write lots of short stories and poems, and with the hopes of one day getting published! I always love to read and especially write.”

I love that even with a busy family life and family business… she never gave up on her creative dream she had since she was a child, Maria is inspirational and such a nice person and a Momee Friend of Long Island like you and me.

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