Contest… Win a signed copy of Katie’s Big Move

Katie’s Big Move is a great children’s book written by Maria Inacio and illustrated by Heather McCoy

The story is about a girl named Katie whose family has to move and what she goes through moving from a familiar home to a new one.

I love the story and it has a great rhyming flow that your child will love.

I have 2 copies with a matching bookmark of Katie’s Big Move to give away!

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So here is the contest:

Maria Inacio has been writing since she was a child and always wanted to have a book published

All you have to do to win is like this blog post and tell me what your child aspires to be “today” not yesterday or the day before ( as we know kids change their mind all the time) : )

Kids can aspire to be anything they want and I hope all of our kids dreams come true.

Contest ends: Friday May 24th, 2013 at 11:59pm

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9 thoughts on “Contest… Win a signed copy of Katie’s Big Move

  1. Taylor loves playing doctor. I will be the patient and she will walk in and introduce herself as Dr. Taylor and I am new patient Mom and she shakes my hand! Too funny! She gives me a full checkup complete with a fake shot covered by a real band-aid. She will ask me if I have been coughing, then feel my head and tell me I’m warm. She loves Doc McStuffins and has her complete doctor bag. It has also made her more comfortable in her doc’s office. My girl shoots high 🙂 (Yes she asks formy $ at the end of my checkup.. not ev en 3 yet.. shes too much).

    1. Rachael that is hysterical! Mia loves Doc McStuffins and giving checkups too. It truly is a great show. But, it doesn’t make Mia like the doc anymore lol
      Let her continue to charge you all that $ and save it for medical school : ) if she keeps charging high rates by the time she is ready for college she will be able to pay off tuition in cash lol

  2. Safiya wants to be an inventor/scientist. She loves mixing concoctions whether in the kitchen or bathtub. She recently wrote a letter to the President asking for permission to make an animal translator. So sick “animals can feel better faster” and “they can know that you don’t want to hurt them”. She’s my little Dr. Dolittle and I’m proud that she’s thinking outside the box in terms of her “career”.

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