Cherry Banana-lico​us Breakfast

Cherry Bananalicous Breakfast

Cherries are out at the grocery store and are reasonably priced … Lets make the most of it and make a whole breakfast including them and bananas.

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These Pancakes and Smoothies will have your family smiling and very satisfied till lunchtime.

For the pancakes:
Make your favorite pancake mix… We happen to like Buttermilk Hungry Jack

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Cut up your banana and cherries so you can add them to the pancakes.

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Put butter in your grill pan and add your pancake mix once you see the air bubbles coming on top of the pancake add the bananas and cherries

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Make sure your pancakes are cooked to your liking and then enjoy… They are so perfect and moist I don’t think you need syrup but if your a syrup lover go right on ahead : )

and as you can see they are Mia approved…

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For the Smoothie:

All you need is:
6 ice cubes, 1/2 cup Vanilla Almond Milk, 1/2 cup cherries (cut up and remove the pit) and 1 medium banana.

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Blend together and it is one delicious smoothie that you will be calling it Cherry Banana-licious !
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