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It is so important for our children to read. There is nothing like going to the store or you local library grabbing a new book that interests your child. When they get that new book they are so excited to read it with you or tell you all about it when they are done. Please continue to encourage our young kids to read and support our local authors.

The Literacy Luau at Connetquot High School was a very successful event.  The Connetquot Foundation for the Advancement of Children is a non-profit organization that made this event possible and I feel they did a wonderful job and the event was wonderful not only for the kids and parents but the local Long Island authors as well.

I got the pleasure of speaking to all of the Long Island authors at the event and they are all wonderful and so are their books. Support our Long Island authors and check each one of them out and their wonderful stories for our children.

Featured below is each author and a short description on how you can find them and buy their work.

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Cybille St. Aude is the author of Elsie who has been featured on Momee Friends of Long Island already. This is her first published book and you can purchase through One Moore Book or through Amazon.

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Maria St. Inacio author of Katie’s Big Move a fellow Momee Friend of Long Island who has also been featured on Momee Friends of Long Island. This is her first published book and you can purchase her book through Amazon.

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Stephanie Shulman is a local Momee Friend and teacher who has published two great children’s books The Nose Pickers and Monster Bash which can both be purchased on Amazon as well.

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Sandy Lanton is also a local Momee Friend and proud Grandmother she is also a former teacher. She has written many children’s books and her newest work is called Still a Family: A Young Child’s Book About Divorce.

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Karenann E. Knotoff as you can see is a local Momee Friend and author of Stylus and The Island of Rouge which both can be purchased on Amazon. Stylus is her latest book for purchase.

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Addie Meyer Sanders is a local Momee friend and Grandmother of 16 grandchildren. Over the years she has written a few children’s books. She is the author of I Don’t Want To Go ( her latest work) and in the back of the book you can find the recipe of her Italian husbands secret sauce. All of her children’s books can be purchased on Amazon.

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Tim Hoppey is a retired NY City Firefighter and a local Long Island author who has had 5 children’s books published. His latest work is The Good Fire Helmet which was inspired by his inner city work in Spanish Harlem. His first book to be published in 2004 was Tito, the Firefighter/Tito, el bombero (Bilingual) this book is wonderful and is a Bilingual book that is great for children to read whether their main language is English or Spanish and of course it is a wonderful read. Tims’ books can be purchased on Amazon.

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Joann Vergona Krapp is a local author who has a few children’s books out for purchase as well as watercolor artwork. Her latest work is called Missing Treasures Means Trouble and is a Long Island book with fictional characters but the story is centered around an old lighthouse on Long Island and the treasure that could be found around it. If you would like to purchase her books you will have to go to they are available through Joann.

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Joseph Scalia is the author of numerous works that can be found on Amazon. He was an English and creative writing teacher and now a successful author. His book Brooklyn Family Scenes is a great book that he was inspired to write after his mother had passed away. The old time photos are wonderful and I enjoyed hearing about his family.

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Paul Rodriguez is an author, illustrator and teaching artist. All of his books have positive themes from anti-bullying to Don’t Do Drugs. He has written about understanding children with autism and even has a coloring book that I purchased for Mia that all proceeds go to fighting hunger on Long Island with an organization I love Long Island Cares . Visit his website:

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Darren Sardelli is a Children’s Author and motivational speaker. His latest children’s book is Galaxy Pizza and Meteor Pie (And Other School Poems That Are Out of This World!) and can be purchased on Amazon. He is great with kids and loves to make them laugh with poetry. Check his website out Laugh A Lot Poetry. Book him for your next school assembly.

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Dorothy P. McPartland is a local Momee Friend and the author of Wishing Stars a wonderful book to remind you to always look up. Her book can be purchased on Amazon or on her website Wishing Star Art. I love her saying, “Let the love in your heart guide you to help make your greatest wishes come true! 

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Jack Biello is a local author and he has written a few books his one book  Still Love Joni James: A Boy Grows in Brooklyn can be purchased on Amazon it is about a boy growing up in Brooklyn playing baseball and learning life lessons. His other book can also be purchased on Amazon HEART OF A LION. Jack is a lecturer and speaker and known as an authority of World War II.

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Linda Maria Frank is a local author of the Annie Tillery Mystery series. There are two books in the series and she is working on a third. The two books are: The Madonna Ghost: An Annie Tillery Mystery and Girl With Pencil, Drawing.

She loves Nancy Drew and made a series of her own that any child would love to read. She also has her own her local access TV show, The Writer’s Dream.

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Orel Protopopescu is a local Momee Friend and author of numerous children books and apps. Her book Since LuLu Learned the Cancan can be purchased as a book or interactive app. You can learn more about her through her website and see all of her work A Word’s a Bird is her amazing new app for kids available by Apple.

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Brian J. Heinz is a local author and former teacher who has amazing books that tell stories of his own travels and books based on whimsical characters that kids will love. I look forward to a book that Brian will have coming out later this year. He is an award winning author and the founder of the Author/Illustrator events, an event that brings Long Island’s finest authors and illustrators to their youngest fans. You can purchase his books on his site Brian

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Patrice M. Domozych is a local Momee Friend of Long Island and author. Her book Hope is Here to Stay can be purchased on Amazon. The story is about Lauren Evelyn Loose who is battling childhood cancer and her family. “Despite all she has been through, Lauren is a happy, enthusiastic and optimistic child, with a crazy, infectious laugh and a true love for life.  No matter what challenges are placed before her, she never gives up.  Her courage, resiliency and relentless spirit are an inspiration to those who know her.” Please visit and learn more about how to donate and help raise money for an amazing local cause.

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Valerie Pfundstein is a local Momee friend of 3 children and teacher. She is the author of Veterans: Heroes in Our Neighborhood a story of a young boy who discovers there is heroes living all around him. You can purchase her book on Amazon. Her story telling shows a love for our country and I love that.

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Selene Castrovilla is a local author of children’s books and young adult books. Her latest book was just released this April and is called Revolutionary Friends: General George Washington and the Marquis de Lafayette can be purchased on Amazon. She has written books about the Revolution before and all of her books can be purchased on Amazon. Her book The Girl Next Door is a wonderful young teen romance novel about a young man Jess who should be enjoying his senior year of High School instead  he faces grim survival odds in his battle with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and a romance with his next door neighbor and best friend.

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Dana Tillinghast is the illustrator of The Thank You Stone by Kathryn T. Hegeman. The book is all about manners and set in England. The illustrations are beautifully done. Mind Your Manners: A Program for Children Grades K-4 by Kathryn can also be purchased on Amazon. We all want our kids to have wonderful manners and these books are great tools.

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Robyn Supraner is a local author and writer for over 30 years. She has written numerous children books. Her book The Amazing Mark (Happy Times Adventures) can be purchased on Amazon. She has written a lot of delightful books that your little ones will love.

All of the authors were wonderful and I look forward to talking with all of them individually and doing spotlights of each of them and their work. They are amazing and please support your local authors and purchase their books.

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