Chocolate covered Vodka Strawberries

A Momee treat like no other. Vodka, Strawberries and Chocolate… YES PLEASE!

Its a treat that will be a hit at any party

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All you need is:

Your Favorite Vodka… mine is Kettle One : )


Dark or Milk Chocolate Melts

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First Step:

Take your Strawberries and put them in a glass dish and fill with vodka ( when your pouring cover the strawberries and fill 1/4 of the way up. )

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Second Step:

Cover the dish with plastic wrap and let these strawberries soak in the vodka in your refrigerator for 24 hours.

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Third Step:

24 hours later take them out of the Fridge and melt your chocolate ( dark, or milk chocolate) ** you could use white chocolate but why? ; dark chocolate is my favorite!** : )

Now dip your strawberries

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ONLY 10 more minutes and you will be able to bite into this deliciousness..

Lastly, put them on a dish with wax paper and refrigerate for another 10 minutes to get the chocolate on there good and your treat will be perfectly cooled

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Serve with a Vodka drink and enjoy! ; ) or just have as an amazing dessert treat.

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