Stylish Bottle Bracelet

Using a water bottle and duct tape you can make your little one a stylish bracelet she will love to wear.

There are so many fun Duct Tape patterns to choose from. Mia and I happen to love this hot pink & black zebra print one.

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All you need is:

Water Bottle, Scissors and your favorite pattern Duct Tape

First : Take your Water Bottle and Scissors

and cut your water bottle top and bottom off to your desired width of a bracelet

Then get your Duct tape and start wrapping up your water bottle piece

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Mia loves her bracelet and I am sure your little one will too : )

So Easy and Fun to Make: Stylish Bottle Bracelet

I saw this on the Happy Housewife but she used fabric instead of duct tape

Best part is you are doing something great for the environment by reusing your plastic water bottles.

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