Pixie Vacations by Stacey, Disney Travel Specialist

Stacey is an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner and she knows how to save you time and money on your Disney vacation. She has been visiting Disney for years and has a 3 year old son who loves to go each year too. What kid would not love to visit the best family vacation spot in the world?


Pixie Vacations by Stacey, Disney Travel Specialist is the best way to travel to Disney she is knowledgeable and will get you the best prices/ promotions. Pixie Vacations.com is a great way to view all the ways  to save on your Disney Vacation.  There are Disney Discounts that can save you on your Disney Resort Room as well as Disney Vacation Packages that can save you money on your entire Disney Vacation, including your Disney on property resort room, your Disney park tickets, and the Disney Dining Plan.

The concierge-level of service is free when you book your vacation with Pixie Vacations. Contact Stacey TODAY for a free, no obligation quote

stacey@pixievacations.com or by phone : (516) 965-3480

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