Pipe Cleaner/ Cheerios Bird Feeder

Mia loves the birds in our backyard so we decided to make a cute little bird feeder for them in our backyard made of pipe cleaners and cheerios

cheero bird feeder

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This could not be any easier to make all you need is:

Cheerios ( I chose the Multi Grain ) and pipe cleaners ( any colors you wish to use)

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String the Cheerios on the pipe cleaner ( a great activity for toddlers using their fine motor skills)

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Mia did a little taste testing making sure the Cheerios would be good enough for her birdie friends

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and they were good : )

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and mold the pipe cleaner into any shape you want ( we did ovals) and connected them together

and then headed outside to hang our bird feeder

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Not only does this activity teach fine motor skills by putting the cheerios on the pipe cleaners but it also teaches our kids to take care of animals!

It was a fun activity and we will be doing it again soon

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