Lego Brownies

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In our house we love to build with Legos but wouldn’t it be fun to eat them? I think these would be great at any kids party

Delicious Lego Brownies ( Pillsbury Milk Chocolate) made with Plain M&Ms and Colored Betty Crocker Vanilla Frosting

I was inspired when I saw on anders ruff  Jeffrey’s Modern Lego Party – Full Detail Feature – the theme party was awesome and I decided to make brownies instead of cookies or cake.

In order to make these brownies you need to:

Use your favorite Brownie Mix… I like using Pillsbury Milk Chocolate Brownies when I am making decorated kids Brownies

and of course delicious plain M&Ms ( a classic candy my family and I can not get enough of)

and your favorite icing I love Betty Crocker Rich & Creamy Vanilla and food coloring to make the different color legos

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Then decorate with colored icing and the same colored M&Ms as the icing on each Lego Brownie

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Serve and Enjoy!

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