Binoculars Craft

Make your own Binocular Craft with your kids to either see things in different colors ( inside or out ) or to check out all the fun things outside.

binoculars craft

Outside there are so many cool things to discover along with bird watching. With its yarn string your child can wear their binoculars on the go for a day of discovery.

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All you need to make your binoculars is:

2 toilet paper rolls, yarn or string, duct tape, scotch tape, cellophane ( any color you like besides clear to make it more fun ) , scissors and a single hole puncher

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First you need to put two pieces of cellophane on the toilet paper hole ( 1 side only)  and scotch tape them on

Then using the duct tape put the 2 toilet paper rolls together side by side and tape them.

Using the hole puncher put two holes ( 1 on the bottom of each roll ) and string the yarn or string through

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You have now made your binoculars and your child is ready to discover how cool they really are

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Mia loves the color blue and was excited to see things all blue through her binoculars : )

A fun craft that will keep you and your child having fun! This is definitely one of Mia’s favorite crafts.

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