Happy Ice Cream Sandwich Day

I love Ice Cream Sandwiches and what better way to celebrate Ice Cream Sandwich Day than with an Ice Cream Sandwich

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Here is some Ice Cream Sandwich Trivia:

— The ice cream sandwich ranks as the second best-selling ice cream novelty in America.

— The average number of ice cream sandwiches eaten per second nationally is 48.

— If all the ice cream sandwiches made last year were placed end to end, they would circle Earth 3 1/2 times.

— The 30-44 age group buys the most ice cream sandwiches.

— The eastern seaboard consumes almost 50 percent of all ice cream sandwiches.

— The ice cream sandwich is so American it is sold at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C.

*The trivia above was found on the Sun Sentinel*

We love all types of Ice Cream sandwiches but these Sublime ones from Trader Joes are awesome!

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Mia just loved celebrating with her own Ice Cream Sandwich

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