Noise Shaker

Shaking and making noise is so much fun.

Make this craft with your child and they will be laughing and shaking it up in no time.

breadshaker 017

All you need to make this craft is:

Paper Towel Roll, Crispy Rice Cereal, Construction Paper, Crayons, Tape, Scissors

breadshaker 012

* You can use toilet paper rolls to make smaller shakers*

First color your construction paper and wrap it around the paper towel roll. Tape it down to secure it.

breadshaker 014

Next, take 1 square of construction paper big enough to tape around 1 end of the paper towel roll.

Once there is construction paper on one side of the roll, Fill the paper towel roll half way with the crispy cereal.

breadshaker 015

Then cover the other side with another construction paper square and tape it up to secure it to the roll.

breadshaker 018

Now that both ends are taped up and the roll is half way filled with the rice krispies cereal; it is time to shake it up!

breadshaker 016

Make some noise and have a great time.

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