Gather “treasures” with your toddler

Get outside with your toddler and explore! Mia and I love to go exploring for treasures.

 Whether it is at the park, beach or even in our own backyard. A terrific activity that helps with object recognition and gets us out and about exercising.

Look around for animals and colors too.  Play “I spy with my little eye … “ with your child as well.

Gathering treasures for a child is exciting and each object found does become a “treasure” once they are found.

Granted these are not your typical “treasures” but they are typically found right here on Long Island.

We love to go to the beach and search for seashells

ncarolina 359 ncarolina 360

When we go to the park we look for leaves and pinecones

ncarolina 025 ncarolina 026

And when in the backyard we love to search for rocks and bugs : )

fun outside april1st 2013 002 fun outside april1st 2013 005

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