Seashell Crafting is Fun

Mia and I love collecting little “Treasures“, when we went to the beach we collected seashells.

shellfun 015

Mia loves to color so we got out the crayons and Mia added color to some of her shells.

shellfun 018 shellfun 017

As Mia is coloring, I thought to myself… why not make some cute little turtles with these shells.

I grabbed my hot glue gun and some wiggly eyes, and foam pieces. And created two cute little Turtles with two shells Mia had colored.

shellfun 022 shellfun 027

Then, I decided to make a picture with the shells and turtles around a picture we took at the beach this summer.

You can add a few or a lot of seashells. Either way looks great : )

shellfun 028 shellfun 029

After I had completed two little projects Mia was still enjoying coloring her seashells.

shellfun 020

So my Momee brain wheels began to turn and I thought of another cute little project. I love reusing the Huggies Wipes containers to hold just about everything.

I know how much Mia loves looking at the shells so I thought of using the container as a place to hold her shells.

shellfun 030 shellfun 031

The container already looked pretty on the outside so there was no need to craft on the outside of the box.

I opened the container and using the hot glue gun, I places a picture of Mia at the beach collecting her “treasures”.

And on the inside I put the shells and our little Turtle shell crafts.

shellfun 033

Using just a push pin I placed the container on the wall and put the container low enough for Mia to reach into her sea shell box.

shellfun 038 shellfun 040

By the smile on her face… I think we had a fun day crafting and playing with our seashells that we collected on our “treasure hunt”.

shellfun 044

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