Elizabeth Hashagen and Anne Caminiti show you fun ways to decorate your Easter Eggs.

We are thinking outside of “the box” for Easter Egg Decorating Fun!

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ALEX Spa Color Shift Ombré Nails

ALEX Spa Color Shift Ombré Nails are the girls favorite new polish!

Why? Because when their body temperature changes or we wash our hands the colors of our nails change and that is AWESOME!

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Watercolor Painting on Ice!

We painted ice blocks with watercolor paints and the result is beautiful!

This can be a very therapeutic and relaxing art activity to do with your kids. One of my favorites to do before bed. Obviously, the ice will melt make sure the dish you do this activity in is deep enough that the melted ice water does not overflow all over your table. I discard the ice and water in the bathtub and then rinse well so the colors don’t end up on my tub floor.

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Egg Coloring with Science!

When you combine Baking Soda + Food Dye + Vinegar the egg coloring result is not only fun but, beautiful too!

Science takes over this egg dyeing technique! Now, this is an exciting way to dye your eggs with some BUBBLING and FIZZING Fun!

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Sadness and Joy go Hand in Hand

Sadness is the second manifestation of Riley’s emotions to come to life in the movie Inside Out.  All of Riley’s memories are stored in colored orbs which are then sent into “storage” at the end of each waking day.  All of the most important memories (“core memories”) are kept in “headquarters” to fuel  5 Personality Islands which represent Riley’s unique personality traits.

sadnes joy

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Spring Sugar Cookies

 12 more days till spring but thanks to Daylight Savings Time I am already in a Spring State of Mind.

I decided to make colorful spring color cookies and shapes with Mia and these colorful cookies are delicious.

 spring cookies

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Dr. Seuss Inspired Hand Crafts

Today is Dr. Seuss’s Birthday… celebrate by making some adorable inspired Seuss Crafts.

dr seuss

Get those little hands all full of finger paint and let’s make some happy paintings with Dr. Seuss characters.

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