Contest- Win Award Winning Children’s Book: All About Color Blindness

Karen Levine is the author of All About Color Blindness ( A Guide to Color Vision Deficiency) for Kids and Grown Ups too.

Karen is a local Long Island Author with a mission. Her mission is to increase awareness of Color Vision Deficiency in early education.

“About one out of twelve boys has CVD. And about one out of two hundred girls has CVD.”


The book is written for a child to understand what Color Vision Deficency (CVD) is and that they can read the book with their parent(s).

The book is well written and easy to understand.

 Karen and I feel every child over the age of 4 years old should be tested for Color Blindness this book is great for describing what CVD is and helps explain it to a child.

About the contest: 

In order to win this book please comment below that you would like to be entered!

I will announce the winner on Saturday September 28th at 3pm

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  1. I think it will be very interesting to read and learn more about color blindness and to know the signs of what to look for in your child.

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