Happy Fall!

It may be the first day of Fall but we have the rest of the season ahead of us to do great Fall things.

Fall is my favorite season for so many reasons:


I got the image from weheartit.com

What are some activities you and your family love to do in the fall?

Here is a bucket list of great Fall things to do with your family this Fall that I found on Pinterest:


Here are some great Fall recipes that I found on Pinterest that were on Balancing Home.com

and my delicious Pumpkin (no bake) Dip

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Here are some cute kids crafts that are super easy:

Autumn Cork Painting  and  Leaf Rubbings: Indoor Fall Fun!

Autumn-Cork-Painting-5   leaf-rubbings-11

I hope everyone has a great Fall season, I know we will!

Momees there is so much fun to do this season. What do you look forward to the most?

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