Halloween Paper Plate Crafts

Crafting with little ones is so much fun.

Mia loves coloring paper plates so I decided to make a couple of decorations this Halloween with her using paper plates.

halloweenpaperplates 007

We made a cute ghost and candy corn garland.

halloweenpaperplates 016 halloweenpaperplates 017


To make the ghost you need one paper plate, crayons, one white piece of construction paper and a sharpie marker.

Attach the arms using scotch tape and hang on your wall for a cute festive decoration.

halloweenpaperplates 002 halloweenpaperplates 014 halloweenpaperplates 015

For the candy corn garland all you need is a paper plate, an orange and a yellow crayon, scissors and white ribbon.

Shown below is how you should color the plate and then cut it so that you have candy corn pieces.

String the garland through holes made with a hole punch and you have made your candy corn garland.

halloweenpaperplates 006 halloweenpaperplates 008 halloweenpaperplates 009

Here are some other fun paper plate crafts I look forward to doing for Halloween:

06f11e92cb37 I saw these cute plate crafts on Kiwi Crate—-> directions click here

paperplatespiderweb-mainpic This cute spider on a web by First Palette —> directions click here

mplatevampireand a Dracula from DLTK—-> directions click here

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