Diclegis- Category A medicine for Pregnant Moms

Your pregnant and this is a great time in your life. The feelings of becoming a mom are amazing but why do I feel so sick? My morning sickness is so difficult to deal with?

You may be suffering from NVP (morning sickness) which affects 85% of pregnant women. Read more about NVP—> click here

Right now I am in my third trimester of my second pregnancy and I experienced horrible morning sickness in both my first pregnancy and this pregnancy. I was not just nauseas I would be puking all day long. Nothing seemed to give me any relief.

During my first pregnancy in the first trimester I lost 17 pounds and I was always sick. I used another prescription medicine and there was not a huge relief from it. Once I got passed the first trimester I felt better and was able to function throughout the day. I was able to enjoy my pregnancy and eat throughout the day. I wish I didn’t suffer for 3 long months but it was worth it in the end when I as able to hold my beautiful baby girl.

My second pregnancy is similar but different. I now have a 2 year old to take care of as well as myself throughout the day. My nausea is very similar to the first pregnancy but seems so much more difficult to deal with. There is no time for me to focus on just myself because my daughter needs me. I was very dehydrated and lost about 15 pounds.  My OBGYN recommended we try a new medicine called Diclegis and that it was a Category A medicine made specifically for pregnant women suffering from severe morning sickness. I read about the medicine and I trusted my doctors opinion that taking it would not only be good for me but my growing baby as well. I started taking Diclegis and after the first dose I felt relief. I was not waking up sick and I was able to get through the morning. I never took the medicine during the day only before bedtime because it did make me feel drowsy. The relief in the morning was good enough for me. Over a couple of weeks I was no longer suffering from NVP and I was so happy my doctor recommended Diclegis.

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This is how Diclegis should be taken throughout the day ( you are able to take up to 4 pills/ day. )

How to take Diclegis

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I highly recommend asking your OBGYN about Diclegis. I am in my third trimester and so thankful for the relief I experienced from Diclegis.

If your suffering from NVP I know how you feel. This is a rough patch to a beautiful 40 weeks until your holding your beautiful newborn baby.

I have less than 3 months to go and I can not wait to meet our little girl due on May 1st, 2014.

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