Earth Day Fun!

Do some fun activities with your kids to celebrate Earth Day!

This year Earth Day falls on April 22nd, 2014

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Make this Earth Day Craft shown above by clicking —-> here

Some fun activities you can do for Earth Day are:

1. Read the Lorax by Dr. Seuss and do a cute activity such as making Grass Friends  <—– click here for instructions

You can make any cute face on these or even the Lorax himself.

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2. Paint a Tree with a Bottle  <——- click here for instructions

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3. Earth Day Craft: Piggy Bank <——— Click here for instructions. Reuse an old soda bottle to make a cute piggy bank

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4Make your own Crayons  <——- click here for instructions.

Take your old broken crayons and make them into a fun huge crayon

mommyblog1 008   Turn these into this —> mommyblog1 028

5.  Love and care for a flower <——click here

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6. Make a fun Earth Day Snack … Earth Day Snack  <—–click here for instructions

A cup of dirt with yummy worms is the perfect Earth Day treat

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7. Make binoculars using toilet paper rolls. Binocular Craft —-> click here

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Other toilet paper roll or paper towel roll crafts include:

Noise Shaker <—- click here breadshaker 017

Guitar Craft for Kids <—–click here mommyblog3 017

8. Make a Paper Bag Kite <—- click here for instructions

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9. Using plastic water bottles make Stylish Bracelets <—-click here

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There are lots of great ideas you can do reusing items around your house.

Check out my craft section for other ideas—-> Momee Friends of Long Island Crafts

HAVE A WONDERFUL EARTH DAY and not only today but everyday take care of our Earth and reuse items in any way you can or put them in a recycle bin.

Some wonderful places on Long Island to visit :

Nature sites—–>

South Shore Nature Center

Manorville Animal Farm and Petting Zoo

Holtsville Ecology Center

Sweetbriar Nature Center


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