Bunny Paint Stampers

Make a bunny paint stamp using toilet paper rolls.

paint stampers

Not only fun but you are reusing an item you would normally put in your recycle bin.


All you need is:

Construction Paper,3 Toilet paper Rolls, and Washable Crayola Paint, Stapler, and Scissors



Take your 3 Toilet paper Rolls leave one circular and the other 2 flatten out to make more of an oval shape for the Bunny Ears


Using your stapler, staple the three toilet paper rolls together as shown below.


If you want you can cut the rolls in half and make two stamps. Since all you need is the end of the toilet paper roll to make the bunny anyway.

This way you are getting even more use of your roll and your child can choose another color to make a bunny with.



Cover one side with paint and stamp the construction paper.


Have fun making your little bunnies.

A fun Momee Craft from my craft corner to yours.

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