Yarn Ghosts

An easy craft using yarn to make these silly ghosts that you can use as a decoration or for your kids to play with.


In order to make these you need:

White yarn

Cardboard any size you want your ghosts to be


Eye Stickers or Google Eyes

Circle Sticker (for mouth)

Hot Glue Gun (if you use google eyes) 


First: Take your yarn and put the first piece of yarn to the bottom of the cardboard (as shown below)


Then, wrap the yarn around the cardboard once and then again ( so there will be two layers of yarn).


Then start to take the yarn and pull it off to one side.

Pull completely off put keep it together.


Then cut another piece of string off about 10 inches long and put it through the opening of the yarn and tie a bow.


IMG_2129 IMG_2133

Take another 10 inch piece of yarn to tie at what would be the neck of the ghost.

IMG_2135 IMG_2137

Now cut the bottom (as shown below).


 The last step is to put your sticker eyes and mouth on. Depending on the eyes and mouth your ghosts will look different and have fun expressions on their face.

IMG_2142 IMG_2143

IMG_2149 IMG_2152

I think the eye stickers look better because they are colorful. With google eyes the ghost still looks cute but this is what it would look like with large google eyes. (shown below)


From my Momee craft corner to yours… HAPPY HALLOWEEN CRAFTING!

My mom and I use to make cute yarn monsters when I was younger. It was one of my first crafts I made with yarn and I loved making them with all different colors. That’s why I decided to make these yarn ghosts. Follow this link to see how you would make a yarn monster —-> click here

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