Author Spotlight: Jennifer Roman

A local Long Island Momee and children’s author Jennifer Roman has written a great children’s book called The Spooky Moon Balloons. This is only her first published book and she has another book coming out as early as 2015.


I had the pleasure of interviewing Jennifer so we can get to know her and her first book.

1. What inspired you to write a children’s Halloween book as your first book? Has writing always been a passion for you?
Jennifer:  “I have always been writing since high school and college.  Writing has always been a passion of mine and during that time I wrote numerous short stories and poetry that generated much positive interest and feedback.  In 1996 my mother passed away due to breast cancer.  She was my biggest fan and greatest advocate.  She always encouraged me to “do something” with my writing. In 2012 my daughter Zoe was born.  Through her birth,  I was able to revisit the joy of motherhood and the strong bond between a mother and daughter.  This inspired me to pour myself into writing and I started writing custom birth announcements and invitations for my daughter’s events.  People started asking me to create invitations and cards for them.  I was even asked to write wedding toasts and assist with college term papers.  This prompted me to start a greeting card business called Lipstick Girl Greetings, Inc.  which was a way for customers to get customized invitations and cards.  These cards were also made available for sale in many local retail shops.  Eventually, I utilized this business as a springboard to writing a children’s book which was my ultimate goal.   The book is based on a Halloween Greeting card I created and modified to appeal to children.  I really liked the storyline and decided to create a book around the card.  Its purely coincidental that it happens to be a Halloween book.  I just had the most fun with the creation of these characters.”
2. As a child did you love dressing up for trick or treating? What was your favorite costume you remember from your childhood?
 Jennifer: “As a child I dressed up every year for Halloween.  My mother hand made all of my costumes and she was extremely talented.  I like to believe I have inherited her legacy of  artistry and creativity.  My all time favorite was a bunny costume she made for me.  She sowed a pink jumper with paws for the body and made a paper mache bunny head, complete with ears, and painted it white and pink.  It had holes to breathe and see and was heavy and a bit cumbersome but, every inch of it was made with love.  It took first place in every costume contest I entered that year and I entered quite a few.”
3. How many kids do you have and what will they be for Halloween this year?
 Jennifer:  “God has blessed me with a daughter.  She is two and she is my muse.  She will dress up as a bumble bee this year for Halloween and is very much looking forward to wearing her costume and trick or treating in our neighborhood.”
4. Can we expect another book from you in the near future?
  Jennifer: “I have already finished my second book due to come out next year.  Its entitled “My Wacky Witty World of Chat”  (copyright September 10, 2014)”
The Spooky Moon Balloons– “The comical world of “The Spooky moon Balloons” is a place where lovable creatures try to spook all day and night but remain as charming as can be.  “The Spooky Moon Balloons is a laugh out loud Halloween keepsake tale.  This book celebrates the spirit of Halloween and the excitement of Trick or Treat.  there is always fun to be had on Halloween and this book is one kids will want to read again and again.”
An excerpt from the book:
“Within the walls of this nifty place
Are characters living in a peculiar space
And no matter how wicked they set out to be

the scene is as charming as charming can be”

6. If there is something you want kids to get out of your story what would it be?
Jennifer: ” If there’s something I would like kids to gain from my book and through meeting me its that they should always feel comfortable in there own individuality.  Children should be  encouraged to explore and develop their own unique creativity and style.  Its this individuality and diversity that animate our world.  I strive to reinforce children’s beliefs in themselves, as individuals, and to avoid succumbing to pressures to be like someone else.  Everyone has something to contribute and its our own individuality and the culmination of new ideas and styles that make the world a more interesting place.  Be proud of who you are and the contributions you have to offer.”
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