Make Your Own Slime

Making your own Slime is so cool and its icky and slimy texture will make your kids giggle as they play with it. Adults will love it too.

For Halloween we have taken it one step further and have even made it even more gross with Green Slime that is called Witch’s Boogers and orange that we call Goblin’s Snot.

See how easy it is to make…

slime 4

Are you ready to make this really fun Sensory Halloween recipe with your little one?

All you need is:

slime recipe


1. Have the water in one mixing bowl and add in the glue and color. Mix well until the texture is watery and you can not tell the difference between the glue and water.

2. Slowly add in the liquid starch continuously mixing… within a minute you will see the slime forming around the spoon.

slime 2

3. Make sure to add all of the liquid starch.

4. Once your slime ball is formed take out of ball and once it has been played with for about 30 minutes the texture of the slime won’t feel so sticky and will be more fun to play with.

5. Store in a sealed container and this will last for at least a week. And it is so inexpensive to make you won’t mind making this recipe over and over with different colors.

For Halloween we used green Glo in the Dark paint for color to make witch’s boogers. And we used orange Glo in the Dark paint for Goblin Snot.

slime 3

Enjoy creeping out your friends like I did with my friend Elizabeth Hashagen on News 12 with this ooey gooey fun Slime. And watch our Glo in the Dark crafts segment on News 12 —> click here


Watch our video on how to make your own slime:

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