Shining Child- Nikolina

Meet our Shining Child for the month of October, Nikolina.

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Nikolina is 8 years old and is shining in our community in a big way! She is giving back to other children who are going through treatment for their illnesses. Nikolina was three-years old when she was diagnosed with cancer, and has been in remission and off treatments for 3 years now. In 2012, she wanted to give back to other children who were experiencing what she overcame.  With the help of her mother, Kristin, the organization Nikolina’s Attic was formed.


“I was playing with my toys, and then I decided because I remember when I was really sick and didn’t have that many toys, that I should give my toys to other kids so they can have stuff to play with,” says Nikolina. – News 12 Long Island

Nikolina wanted to give her toys to the kids in the hospital but her mother explained because their immune systems are so weak they have to be new toys. Nikolina then decided to sell her toys and other items to make money to buy new toys for the kids. Every year the garage sale (a.k.a. Nikolina’s Attic) is held in Lake Grove Village Hall during Colombus Day Weekend.

This year was a success again…

Watch the segment with Jackie Lukas from October 11, 2015 —> click here


Support Nikolina by liking their Facebook page —> Nikolina’s Attic

and attend their big fundraising event next year.

Want to contact Kristin for more information please do so by emailing her:

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