Big Mouth Inc. Ginormous Unicorn Sprinkler

We are having a blast with the Ginormous Unicorn Sprinkler that we got from Fun Stuff Toys in Seaford!

There is no way that your kids will not love this BigMouth Inc. sprinkler. We are filled with excitement on this perfect summer day in the sun!🦄

I know , I know parents the first thing we are thinking is, “how hard is this ginormous sprinkler to set up and put away?”

When you look at this incredibly large inflatable sprinkler you think it has to be hard to set it up and break it down. Honestly, it is not bad at all. I used a very inexpensive manual hand pump to blow it up and it was a little bit of a workout to blow it up but, it was not awful. If you have an air compressor you are golden. It is so easy to blow it up. It is even easier to deflate.



Once it is completely blown up and can stand on it’s own you just attach the hose to the bottom of the unicorn and then turn the water hose on.

Your kids will have the best time running through this sprinkler and enjoy cooling off on a hot summer day.


Parents you will not be able to resist you will have to jump in , too!


*I love that you use the same amount of water as you would a regular sprinkler. There is a tube inside that connects from where you attach the hose to the unicorn horn. The huge unicorn inflatable is a show piece and an awesome addition to your backyard summer play whether it is for you and your kids or if you are hosting a play date or a party *


We got our Ginormous Unicorn Sprinkler from Fun Stuff Toys in Seaford.

Located at: 3639 Merrick Rd Seaford, NY 11783

Phone: (516) 409-8697

Website: HERE





The Ginormous Unicorn Sprinkler is from bmi logo!

They also have available: the Ginormous Dinosaur Yard Sprinkler and The Ginormous Elephant Yard Sprinkler

All are fun and will cool you off. Which will you choose?



We hope you are having as much fun as we are this summer. We highly recommend adding a GINORMOUS Sprinkler to your summer fun. My girls highly recommend doing so. If you are in the area visit our friends at Fun Stuff Toys. Whenever we go we find the coolest toys for ourselves or for birthday or holiday gifts. : )

When you leave you will be excited to tell your friends, “I found it at Fun Stuff Toys”.








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