Tiny Book Worms Preschool Book of the Month Club

A local Long Island Mom has created a business out of her home that is an educational subscription box geared towards kids ages 2 to 4 and we highly recommend it. Her business is called Tiny Book Worms.

Each month there is a different themed box of educational activities that correlates with the book of that month. 

Amy Cavallaro says, “I am a mother of 3 girls and live in Commack. I taught first grade for 10 years before choosing to stay home after my second daughter was born. It was about a year later when I began my business Tiny Book Worms. I wanted to jump on the subscription bandwagon and create one of my own for a way for little ones to get their hands on some educational fun at an early age. With the push for more academics at such younger ages in school, I figured what better way to give children a jump start and get their hands on some fun activities, while being exposed to some great books before they even become school age. “


What comes in the Subscription Box?

Each month the subscriber receives a package in the mail which includes the book which Amy will post on her Facebook business page (click here), as well as 4-5 hands on educational activities that corelate with the monthly package theme.

She also includes an activity guide which explains the activities and offers ways to differentiate the activities whenever possible. The activities are geared toward children ages 2-4. A 2-year-old may require more one-on-one assistance than a 4-year-old. As they get older they are able to work more independently. Also included is a sheet on how each activity relates to the Pre-K foundations for the common core standards.


We loved the August box that was based on the book Ice Cream Soup. Ice Cream goes perfectly with the month of August and we loved the activities. You can see how much my 4-year-old enjoyed the activities and the theme in the pictures below. 

You can tell Amy takes her time thoughtfully thinking out each activity and incorporating letters, shapes, colors and numbers into the activities to correlate with the book. The activities are fun and educational. 


I loved that all the activities incorporated using our fine motor skills, too!


My daughter was so funny she realized that there were white and pink sprinkles in the Ziploc bag so she could eat those because there was no ice cream color for those colors. Who doesn’t love sprinkles?


I was very impressed by the subscription box and we look forward to receiving another box next month and the month after that.

September was an Apple theme and October will be a Pumpkin theme. 

Interested in receiving the box for the month of October? Message Amy on her Facebook page and ask her to include you on her list of boxes to send out this month.

$27 includes book and 4 activities

This package is scheduled to ship on October 17th! (Photos are a close but not exact representation of the activities included and are subject to change).

Tiny Book Worms Preschool Book of the Month Club

View the Facebook Page to order yours —> HERE




Amy also hosts Mommy & Me classes each month. You can see her announcements of those on her Facebook page, as well. They fill up quickly so be sure to sign up when you see it posted. Here are the dates and times and location of this month’s classes below:


We hope you give the Tiny Book Worms Preschool Book of the Month Club a try! It is hands on educational fun and the best part is you don’t have to be tied into a subscription. You can order each month with no obligation to buy again. Highly recommend it for your child, my daughter loves it.



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