Holiday Cheer from the Nanny’s P.O.V.

Happy Holidays all! This is definitely the best and worst time of year. As kids it’s exciting and all fun. We want Christmas music 24/7 and we wear our pajamas inside out hoping for a White Christmas. We make wishes and send letters to Santa. Then we grow up and the magic of this season fades away. It’s all about finding the perfect gift for that certain someone, the pain of getting all the decorations out and seeing what lights work and which ones don’t.

Each year, we need to keep the magic alive not only for the kids but for ourselves, as well. It’s as simple as pulling out some paper and glitter and doing some holiday crafts with your children. Here are some simple ideas to keep the children busy during this season.

This first one here is a simple snowflake. Help the children cut it out or let them trace and cut themselves. Let them decorate it with some stickers and then you can even glue a pretty ribbon on top to make it an ornament for the tree.

lucille snowflake


This wreath is a simple white paper plate. Let the kids paint it green. Trace a bow for the top or bottom. You can even let the kids color some berries on it or give them some bows or ribbons to decorate it. Now you can hang this on their bedroom door so helping decorate is fun for them too.

lucille wreath


Here’s another fun one. Have them trace and cut out a stocking. You can have them decorate the top with white paper or glue cotton balls to it. Take out some glitter and have them write their names. Great practice for the little ones and Glitter always makes everything a little more fun.

lucille stocking


Another fun idea, is you can buy clear ornaments at Michaels and some glitter for them to make their very own for the tree. Make sure to have a small funnel so they can fill it and keep the glitter contained.


Have fun, let’s spread holiday cheer and keep the magic of Christmas alive. Happy Holidays everyone and don’t forget to share your crafts with Momee Friends so everyone can see your children’s lovely work. #momeefriendsli


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