“Me, Again: How Postpartum Depression and Anxiety Transformed My Life.”

What an amazing read and I thank local Momee Friend, Bridget Croteau for putting it all out there and writing a book that is not only an easy read but, is so informative and authentic.

If you or someone you know is going through Postpartum Depression and/or anxiety it is okay. You are not alone. One of many things I take away from this book is to make time for YOU. Self care not only benefits you but, those around you, as well. There is nothing wrong with asking for help and guess what the “need to do it all” puts so much stress on us daily and we do not need to do it all.
The book is empowering, inspiring and a book I highly recommend reading.

I love how the book is written. I feel like I am sitting on the couch having a conversation with Bridget as I read through the pages. I felt like I really got to know her as she describes her feelings and talks about the support of her amazing family throughout the book. There were a lot of relatable moments for me in the book as a mom of two young girls, as well. Also, Bridget’s husband Beau and my husband Mike are very similar. You can feel the love he has for her through her words and when we are going through something difficult in our lives we need a good support system and I can clearly see that Bridget has a wonderful support system at home (with her husband and parents) and in her therapy groups. 

Here are two pages from the book that I gravitated towards and could relate to:


Bridget’s courage to write this book will help others who are going through Postpartum Depression and will encourage them to find the help they need and know that everything will be okay. YOU ARE STRONG and not alone! 



Bridget says,

“I’m Bridget Croteau, born, raised and still living on Long Island. I am a mom of two daughters, who are almost 7 and 4. I am currently serving as Mrs. Suffolk County America and my platform is “You Are Not Alone: Raising Awareness for Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders.”

I recently completed writing and publishing my own book, “Me, Again: How Postpartum Depression and Anxiety Transformed My Life.” It is all about my two struggles with postpartum depression and anxiety after my children were born and how I got through it. There are also resources and information provided in the book.”


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Join and meet Mrs. Suffolk County, Bridget Croteau, at Book Revue in Huntington for her book signing of “Me, Again.”

Feb 7th, 2019

at 7pm

Books will be available for purchase for $10. 

Her book “Me, Again” is all about Bridget’s journey with postpartum depression and anxiety following the births of her two children. She offers hope and resources to those who are currently going through a perinatal mood or anxiety disorder (like postpartum depression). This book is also a valuable resource to family and loved ones of someone going through this.

Please try and RSVP to this event so Bridget has enough books on hand—> HERE





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