Monster Jam® driver: Kristen Hope Interview

We are so excited for the Monster Jam® Triple Threat SeriesTM coming to NYCB Live this weekend, January 25th to 27th, 2019.

monster mutt truck

We are even more revved up to go after speaking with Kristen Hope one of the talented female drivers. 

This Monster Jam show will be the first LIVE monster truck show we have attended and my oldest daughter is so excited. She loves trucks and is thrilled that there will be two female drivers (Krysten Anderson who drives the Grave Digger and Kristen Hope who I got the pleasure of speaking with driving the Monster Mutt Dalmation) at the Triple Threat Series this weekend.

One of the first questions I asked Kristen Hope was, “Being it is our first time attending a Monster Jam what is something we can expect?” Kristen said, “You will have so much fun, it is an exciting show and since it is a Triple Threat Series there is even more excitement because the drivers not only drive the Monster Trucks but, they also drive Monster Jam ATV’s and Monster Jam Speedsters. ” The Monster Jam Speedsters have become one of her new favorites to drive.


Some more questions to get to know Kristen:

Q. How long have you been part of Monster Jam?

A. Kristen says, “This is my Rookie season , I became a Monster Jam driver in October 2018 and this is my first Triple Threat Series which began on January 5th, 2019.”

  At 20 years old, Kristen is the World’s Youngest Monster Jam athlete and a first generation Monster Jam athlete from her family. She was born and raised in California. Her love for trucks came at an early age. She grew up in the shop alongside her dad and she loved learning how to fix cars and trucks from him. She said her family is her biggest support and they have come to all her shows so far. Kristen and her sister, Jenna who is 17 years old have been fans of Monster Jam for a very long time. They have both spent time behind the scenes and she thinks her sister will want to become a Monster Jam driver, as well in the future. 


Q. Is there a female driver you look up to? What advice would you give any young girls who want to become a Monster Jam driver in the future?

A. Kristen says, “I look up to all the female drivers, they are all incredible. What I love about Monster Jam is that women and men compete on the same level and fight for the same trophy. We all earn our spots. The advice I would give is to NEVER GIVE UP and as long as you continue to have dedication and work hard towards your goal you will succeed.”


Q. What do you love most about the truck you drive, the Monster Mutt Dalmation?

A. Kristen says, “I was so excited when I found out that I would be driving the Monster Mutt Dalmation because it was always my younger brother, Joey’s favorite truck. I love being a part of the Dalmation Nation and having such wonderful fans. It is such a great truck to drive and I call her “Pretty Puppy”.


Q. What is your favorite trick? What was the first trick you ever did in a monster truck? What is the most difficult trick?

A. Kristen says, “My favorite tricks are donuts and sky wheelies. The first trick I ever did was a donut. And the most difficult trick that I am still working on is called a Stoppie. This is when the truck rides on its front wheels, and then stops its self, still on the front tires. The Moon Walk is something I am also working on and  I would like to do. It involves performing a stoppie, then while the truck is still on it’s front wheels, the driver shifts the truck into reverse and drives the truck backwards. 


Q. What is one of your goals this year?

A. Kristen says, ” Since it is my Rookie Season I would love to win the Monster Jam award for Rookie of the Year. It would also be incredible to be part of the Monster Jam World Finals XX that will be held in Orlando this year.


Q. Are you superstitious? Is there anything you do before each show?

A. Kristen says ,”I would not say that I am superstitious but, I do say a prayer before I get into my truck and I always hope for a good show!”


Talking about a good show, Kristen says she hopes to see you this weekend at NYCB Live, Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum!

She recommends the Pit Party where you get to meet and greet with the drivers and see the trucks up close. It is such a memorable time for families. 



Tickets start at just $20
Pit Party tickets start at $15
Fans can buy tickets at


nycb live

Located at:
1255 Hempstead Turnpike  Uniondale, NY 11553



  • I would like to thank Kristen Hope for taking the time to do this interview with me over the phone this morning. It was a pleasure speaking with her and I will be cheering her on this weekend. 

  • Photo credits: FELD Entertainment and Monster Jam®




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