Pix Brix Kickstarter Campaign 2019

We are HUGE fans and supporters of Pix Brix building blocks ! We love building and creating with them.

Pix Brix said, “Our customers have asked for more colors and we want to deliver! 🎨
Pix Brix is launching a Kickstarter Campaign to expand our color palette and release a pixel building design app.”

Help Pix Brix grow! Visit their campaign to see their Kickstarter special releases and rewards. Their Campaign lasts for only 30 days so don’t miss out on supporting our friends at Pix Brix!

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Help Pix Brix grow, click on the link for more info and to see our
Kickstarter Releases and Rewards.



Pix Brix: Pixel Art Building Brick
Revolutionary pixel puzzle brick that uses a unique patented (no. US D828,458) connection system to build 2D and 3D pixel creations.

Pix Brix is a pixel art building brick that allows the artist to create 2D pixel art and 3D builds with only 1 unique piece design. Requiring NO base plate, water, iron, or glue to adhere together. Pix Brix are fun, safe, re-usable, plus major brick brand compatible.

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The pixel artists have asked for it and we want to deliver a larger color palette for better gradients and more diverse pixel art and 3D builds. We will expand our current color palette from 15 to 32 beautiful colors which will be divided into 3 series-Light, Medium, and Dark.

pix brix kick starter 2

Second we will finish and program these 3 new color series into the Pix Brix app which is now in development.

The Pix Brix app will have a paint function with all 32 colors which can be used to create custom pixel art that can be saved and shared.


Read more about the campaign and what Pix Brix has planned. Also, read about the story about Pix Brix and why we love supporting this amazing company. 

Read more: HERE



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