DIY “Halloween Tree” out of cardboard boxes

I love an upcycle craft and we had a bunch of cardboard boxes lying around so we decided to make our own “Halloween Tree”.

Want to make your own? All you need to do is grab some boxes out of your recycle bin, have the kids make some “ornaments” out of construction paper and use some dollar store finds to add some finishing touches. 

What you will need is:

*6 different size boxes

*Acrylic Paint: black, purple, orange (or if you want to make your tree one color you can choose any color you like)

*Halloween Garland (found at our local dollar store)

*Construction Paper

*Markers and Crayons

*Halloween Stickers (optional)

*extra Halloween decorations (we used 2 giant spiders from our local dollar store)

*witch hat (from the dollar store)

*Gorilla tape and Scotch tape

*Halloween colored lights




First, put your cardboard boxes in size order and make sure the boxes are taped shut. The girls had so much fun figuring out what order they wanted to put the boxes in to make a tree shape.



Then, figure out what color(s) you want to use on the boxes. The girls chose to use black, orange, and purple in a pattern. I love the colors they chose. 

As the paint was drying the girls began making the “ornaments”. They made ghosts, spiders, Frankenstein, pumpkins and other Halloween characters and objects to add to the tree out of construction paper. 



Then, once the paint was dry we were ready to make our tree. We used gorilla tape to connect the boxes to one another. We enlisted the help of daddy to make sure the boxes were connected securely. 


I love the Halloween garland available at our local dollar store. We chose garland that had scary eyeballs on it, bats and skulls. We decided to use stickers and leftover Halloween decorations to decorate the tree, as well.



The first thing we added to the boxes was the garland and the giant spiders. We used gorilla tape to attach the large spiders and we used scotch tape to attach the garland to the boxes.



Then, we attached the orange lights with scotch tape. As well as, all of the handmade ornaments. The girls also, put stickers on the box to fill in any empty spaces. 

The witch hat topper was the finishing touch we needed. : )



We knew we were going to like how it turned out because we love how creative the girls are and we love their artwork. But, we LOVE this so much that I think we are going to do this for every holiday. We are already thinking about our DIY Thanksgiving tree out of cardboard boxes. 

Halloween tree 4


We hope you get inspired and make your own tree. I can see this as a great classroom project, as well. 

Halloween tree 3


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