Food for Thought DIY Costumes- seen on News 12 Long Island

Why do I call these costumes food for thought? Because they are fun & easy costumes to make & wear that all have a food related item as part of the costume. 

At first glance you might not recognize the pun but, once you put the two parts of the costume together you will LOL (Laugh Out Loud) with how clever and cute they are.

You either LOVE getting dressed up for Halloween or you don’t. But, if you go to a Halloween party you want to wear a costume, right? These costumes are the no frills type of costumes that are inexpensive and take very little time to make. Sound good? Let’s check them out…


When Life Gives You Lemons


When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. It is a positive phrase used to encourage optimism and makes for a very easy costume to wear to a Halloween party. 

All I did was write the word LIFE in black sharpie on a piece of oak tag. I cut it out and put two hole punches to put a ribbon through it and tie to make a necklace. If you don’t want to wear it as a necklace you can just safety pin it to your shirt. Then, grab a bag of lemons and you are set to go. Not only was your costume easy but, now you also brought lemons if anyone needs them for their drinks at the party.


Fun and Useful, SCORE!


Pumpkin Pie


When you have a Pumpkin headband on your head and a math symbol for Pi on your shirt you must be, Pumpkin Pie!

All I did for this costume was take a Styrofoam (very light weight) pumpkin for my local dollar store and hot glued it to the top of a headband. Once it cooled and dried it was ready to wear. Then, on a piece of orange construction paper I glued a felt Pi symbol that I had cut out. Again, just safety pin the Pie symbol to your shirt and you are ready to go.


I love this costume because not only is it adorable for any age to wear but, it is also fall themed. Who else loves Pumpkin Pie? I do! I do!



Deviled Egg


Devil Ears and an Egg…. then, I must be a deviled egg! You can easily make devil ears out of felt and put them onto a red headband and make your own devil ears. However, I found this devil costume set at my local dollar store and I was able to use the red bow tie for the next costume I will show you, below. So, 2 costume accessories for 1 dollar… I was one happy girl and could not resist. 


Then, I just cut the shape of an egg out of oak tag and glued a yellow circle made of felt to the middle of the egg and it was complete. I punched two holes at the top of the egg and put some ribbon through to make it like a necklace since it was so light weight. 


Easy and devilishly cute!



Smarty Pants


For this adorable costume all you have to do is reach into your Halloween candy bowl and take some Smarties out and attach them to a pair of black pants with safety pins or double sided tape. For the glasses, I went to the dollar store and bought a pair of readers and took the glass out and put white tape on the bridge of the nose to give the glasses a more “smarty look” . 

The bowtie came with the devil costume accessories at the dollar store so I used it to add a fun touch to the costume. I really am so excited that I was able to get 2 costume accessories for a dollar. I put all the adorable accessories together and this Smarty Pants is all set to have fun at the Halloween party.


Adorable and great use of Halloween Candy!



Unicorn or Candy Corn

Unicorns are so popular that we had to figure out how to incorporate them into a “foody pun”.
You can make the corn easily by painting an egg carton yellow & wrapping the egg carton in green construction paper. Then, cut a second piece of green construction paper to look like the husk of the corn.


Attach the corn you just made to the front of your shirt with safety pins so you don’t ruin your shirt.


Either put the unicorn headband on to be a Unicorn or you can make a cute candy headband like the one shown below with some oak tag, markers and crayons. When you put the candy headband on with the corn you will be Candy Corn.

IMG_9654 (2)

These costume may sound corny but it is super adorable and I love that you can change the headpiece for 2 different costumes.

Taco Tuesday

IMG_9652 (2)

No matter what day of the week it is we love tacos. But, Taco Tuesday is a popular phrase and we had to make a fun and easy costume.

I made a felt taco with all the toppings to attach to the top of a headband. And then, I wrote Tuesday with a black Sharpie on oak tag and made a necklace out of it.

Who doesn’t love tacos? Head to your next Halloween party as everyone’s favorite meal. 



Iron Chef


Let’s go back to chemistry class and review the periodic table of elements. What does Fe mean? Right, you got it … Iron

Again, I write Fe on oak tag with a Sharpie marker and attached it to an apron with safety pins. We had a bakers hat from the dollar store to complete the chef look.


At just 5 years old, my daughter is an Iron Chef!


What are some of your favorite play on word costume ideas? We had so much fun making these.I have to thank the users of Pinterest for the inspiration of some of these costumes. I love searching through the app and seeing all the great DIY costumes others have created. If you look at my DIY Halloween Costume Pinterest Board you will find the pins of the costumes that inspired me in making the costumes seen in this blog post. They are truly creative and I have enjoyed creating my own and sharing them with you.  





See these costumes featured on News 12 Long Island!


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