Build Your Own Snowman Gift Sets

Nothing says, “I love you” more than a homemade gift, right? The time and thought put into a gift shows how much you truly love someone and I love giving the kids in my life a Build Your Own Snowman Gift Set. 

It is simple to make and fun, too! You just need some items from your crafting box and a hot glue gun. You can also find all these items at your local dollar store. Happy Crafting.



shirt box

black, white, orange construction paper

black and white and orange felt

colorful pom poms different sizes

craft sticks


winter hat

hot glue gun



First, cut out a construction paper snowman nose and black circles for eyes and smaller black circles for the mouth. Hot glue them to the top of the shirt box as seen below.

frosty 1

Now, we will need our colorful pom poms that are all different sizes and craft sticks to make the mouth, eyes, buttons and possibly the nose. I say possibly the nose because making the nose the way I did was not easy and I burned my fingers a lot. And if you have been burned by a hot glue gun you know how much it hurts. Ouch!

frosty 14


For the eyes:

I have done two things with the eyes. In years past I have just put large black pom poms on the end of a craft stick and hot glued the pom pom to the craft stick.

This year, I hot glued a small pom pom to the end of the craft stick then I hot glued a large black felt circle to the top of the pom pom and then I hot glued a small white circle made of felt to the large black felt circle for each eye. I forgot to take a picture of the felt eyes. But, I think you can see how I made them below. Pretty easy to do.


For the mouth:

I got 6 medium sized pom poms (all the same color) and I hot glued them to the craft stick. I made 2 sets one with blue and the other purple (seen in the pictures below).


For the buttons:

I hot glued 3 large pom poms to the craft sticks. 

frosty 12


For the nose:

Honestly I would make it easy and put a large orange pom pom to the end of a craft stick. I say this because using the orange felt together to form a carrot shape nose was not easy. I even added some stuffing inside the orange felt “carrot” nose and trust me I burned my fingers a lot doing this. So, I suggest making it easy with a large orange pom pom and I think it will look adorable. My nose is shown below.

frosty 8


Inside the box:

I put tissue paper inside the shirt box, along with the snow hat, and scarf which I found at my local dollar store.

frosty 4


I also wrote a hand written note inside the box. I love when someone writes me a hand written note with a gift. It makes it even more sentimental.

frosty 2

I made one for my girls 4 years ago and we still use this set. If you make sure to dry out the pieces after the snowman melts you can have this snowman set for years and years.

snowman 6


We have even made a snow polar bear using the pom pom craft sticks and scarf.

Even when the snowman starts melting it looks good. 




Put this adorable set under the tree this Christmas for a family or child you love! The memories it will create will last a lifetime. 


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