“Perform at a higher level with Bouncyband”

Bouncy Bands® has created even more products to help improve focus. We love all the Bouncy Bands products for home and school use. We think you will love the products as much as we do.

“Movements that Motivate the Mind”

School counselor Scott Ertl created Bouncy Bands® to help students in his school concentrate while they are seated at their desks, often for five or six hours per day.

I love that Bouncy Bands® is a product that can help ALL students as they learn sitting at a desk throughout their day. As a child I had a hard time focusing and staying on task for a long period of time. I feel if I had this product when I was in school it would of helped me burn some energy and focus better. This product not only helps a student who is over-stimulated but, a child who is under-stimulated, as well. The subtle movements of bouncing your feet on the band helps blood flow to the brain and the best part is the bands do not make any noise and are not distracting to others around you. 


Latest 2020 Products…

Foot Roller


Bouncyband fidget Foot Roller silently enables the release of excess energy while sitting or standing alleviating anxiety and increasing focus.

I love this product for myself while I am sitting at my desk. As I am writing this blog post I am using it and it helps me stay on task and relax. By the way, I love how it feel with socks on. It is a great massager for your foot, as well.



*CALMS RESTLESSNESS – Fidgeters place a foot on the roller spinning it forward, backward or both ways which provide an outlet for excess energy relieving stress and decreasing boredom
*IMPROVES PERFORMANCE – Allows movement while working both sitting and standing creating more blood flow to the brain enabling greater concentration and productivity
*COMFORTING – Remove shoes for a relaxing foot massage
*THERAPEUTIC – Offers muscle and deep tissue massage for arch pain, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and tired feet
*STAYS IN PLACE – 7x6x3” Foot Roller Rubber has rubber feet that grip keeping it in place while in use on both hard surfaces and carpet





Fidget Phone


The Bouncyband Fidget Phone enables kids and adults to fidget receiving sensory satisfaction as it provides a gratifying tension release, relieving anxiety and improving concentration.


My daughter loves the buttons. It is a great fidget toy. I love the smoothness of the phone.



*INCREASE FOCUS – Pressing your thumb and fingers on the resistance buttons and feeling the silent “click” allows excess energy to be expelled alleviating tension, hyperactivity and boredom, helping to achieve greater focus 

*SATISFYING – Soothing and comforting increasing concentration when phones are off-limits

*TANGIBLE RESULTS– Silent fidget tool that keeps hands busy and minds focused leading to greater productivity

*PORTABLE – Use at work, school, home or when traveling

*REALISTIC – Similar size to cell phones measuring 2.5” x 5.5”

*LATEX FREE – Safety tested


bouncy band Fidget-Phone-Front-Infographic-web




Foot Tapper

The Bouncyband Foot Tapper Fidget Button offers the same advantages as patented Bouncybands when on the go using a spring resistor button to create a great foot fidget.






Donors Choose- Teacher Fund Raising:

Are you a Teacher?

  Bouncybands now has over 10,000 teachers that have used Donors Choose for funding.

Learn more about this fantastic program: HERE

Here is a sample application which takes a teacher through the easy step by step process of starting a campaign —> CLICK TO SEE SAMPLE


BouncyBands have won numerous awards, including the Creative Child Magazine’s “Product of the Year,” Scholastic’s “Best of,” Dr. Toy’s “Best Classic Product Award,” the Ed Expo’s “Product of the Year,” 2017 Teacher’s Choice Award, and many more.


WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND Bouncy Bands® and we know you will, too!


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