Six Great Ways to Pamper Yourself this Summer

Written by: Linda Reyes

Summer used to be a time of relaxation, what with its warm weather, long vacations, and lazy day vibes. These days, though, our fast-paced worlds makes the slow summers of yesteryear a little bit harder to come by. From figuring out what to keep the kids entertained with during their time off from school to the lack of summer vacation that adults are so rudely deprived of, it can be hard to take a second to breathe during a time that used to be all about recuperation. Make a commitment to pampering yourself this summer with these fun tips.

summer 1

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BRIGHT PICK – Noodle’s & Company

Kudos to Noodles & Company in Patchogue for being selected as one of Long Island’s Bright Picks! Noodles & Company is just one of many businesses throughout our community that have opened their doors and are creating ways for anyone to succeed.

bright picknoodles and copany

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How Machines Work- Zoo Break!

Written by bestselling author David Macaulay

Children will love this interactive book about six simple machines: the wedge, wheel and axle, lever, inclined plane, screw and pulley. There is hands-on interaction that will excite young readers from the cover of the book where they can spin gears to make the Sloth character go up and down to the pop-ups and flaps that fill the pages throughout the book. It will be on that your children will grab to read over and over again.

Did I mention it is a STEM book written for ages 7 to 10 years old, too? David Macaulay did a great job putting the fun back into learning with this book.

how machines work cover

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The Nutcracker Suite Presented by Ovations Dance Repertory Company

We went to opening day of the Nutcracker Suite at the Patchogue Theatre today. It was a shortened version for children at the 11am show and all I can say is, BRAVO! The show and the dancers were amazing.


We saw the shortened version today and I wish I was able to see the full length (2 hour) show. My 3-year-old daughter and 7 month daughter accompanied me to the children’s show and they loved it. The dancing which was under the artistic direction of Orlando Pena was spectacular. I was so amazed by the Ovations Dancers whose ages started as young as five years old.

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Seperation Anxiety- New Momee Going Back to Work

A local Momee Friend goes back to work on Monday after being on maternity leave the past 3 months with her new baby girl. This is her first child. She is going back full-time and her retired in-laws will be watching her daughter. Her family relies on her job for medical benefits and both her husband and her have to work to support their family. She is so sad about going back to work and leaving her daughter. Can anyone give her advice that was once in her shoes?

Going to work and leaving your brand new baby can be heart breaking. How do you deal with the seperation anxiety?