Use TENZI dice to create fun math problems

Schools are closed due to COVID-19. We are doing everything we can to stay healthy and by staying home we are doing our part to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. While home with my kids I have been thinking of fun ways to teach them at home. We love playing TENZI and I love the colorful dice that is included with the game. So, I thought let’s use our TENZI dice to create math problems.

I had the girls pick the color dice they wanted to use and then we had some fun playing with our dice and learning age appropriate math with the numbers they rolled.


I had my 3rd grader multiply and divide with the numbers she rolled. I also had her add 3 digit numbers together and tell me what number was in the one place, in the tens place and the hundreds place.

tenzi math 6


I also, had her color the odd numbers and even numbers with a specific crayon color. Just to add another kesson to the random math problems thanks to the TENZI dice.

tenzi math 7

Then, I had my kindergartner do adding and subtracting with her rolled dice. I also, had her color her answers a specific crayon color to differentiate between odd and even.

tenzi math 5


Using the TENZI dice for math made it fun for the girls and the problems did not need to be printed off the printer. I had them write it out on a blank piece of paper.


tenzi math image


We had so much fun while learning thanks to TENZI.

Visit the TENZI website —> HERE

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